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We are a group of scientists and business professionals getting together with an ambition to develop novel medications for neurological diseases including stroke, pain, and addiction by using the deep understanding of opioid receptors.

The name of “Neurokappa” came from the concept that molecules targeting to kappa opioid receptor may have huge drug development values. Some of the existing medications including naloxone, a medication used for opioid overdose rescue. Some of the compounds as kappa opioid receptor agonists have potential therapeutic values in stroke therapy, pain management, depression, and addiction therapy. 


To develop novel compounds targeting opioid receptors for neurological diseases.


Intranasal administration is an attractive, effective alternative pathway to deliver medications for neurological diseases especially in the out of the hospital settings when intravenous access is not an easy solution


The efficacy of action should be priority over the mechanism of actions! It is true that the mechanisms of actions may help to discover new indications of an "old" medication. So, we will never stop pursuing both!

Our Team


Salvinorin A and its novel analog

for Stroke

Dezocine and its associated products

for addiction management


The scientific team has more than 30 years of experiences in opioid pharmacology and strong expertise in stroke, pain and addiction
Medication development expert
The business team has track records of success in drug development and marketing.
Business Expert

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3401 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Renyu Liu, MD, PhD


John Grothusen, PhD


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